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Week ending March 10, 2017 by Diana Miller


I started and ended the week with advanced open water courses. Our deep dive at the Odyssey Wreck where we saw 2 spotted eagle rays was a favorite! Learning compass navigation can be challenging but the skills on the deep dive keep the dive fun and educational! A Discover Scuba Dive with a resort guest (a snorkel) was a highlight for me. The look on this 14 year olds face was nothing short of how amazing scuba diving really is! He was amazed at how easy it was and to be up close with 2 turtles and a moray eel sealed the deal to move on and complete his open water certification. To turn the love of scuba diving on for someone sure is a satisfying feeling!!


I came to Roatan, without the plan to start diving... by Svenja Guertel


I came to Roatan, without the plan to start diving and I never dove before but I heard everyone raving about it, and I decided that I want to try it. I walked into Anthony’s Key Resort to ask for courses. I was sure that I would love to dive and one course wouldn't be enough for me so I asked how to become an instructor. I met with Tati and she explained me all the courses. A week later I started my Open Water Course and started helping out in the dive shop. There was an IDC starting in January 2017 and I accompanied the group during their course, I took pictures and videos of them and played the student for their presentations. After that I finished my Advance Open Water Course and helped out at the second IDC in February 2017, I did the photos and videos again. I started my Rescue Course after the IDC and finished it at the right time when we had three people starting their Dive Master Internship for 4 weeks, I went diving with them to take pictures and collect some dives so that I’ll be able to start my dive master soon. Learning diving, helping out with courses and taking pictures is so much fun, it doesn't feel like work, helps me so much with my behavior and presence under water, I feel very confident diving with and helping other divers and I can't wait to start my IDC to be able to teach. This week started a new IDC and I’m helping out with playing the student in the presentation and taking the photos. I always had a passion for photography and it's awesome to give the people who do their IDC a little memory of their time here.


Peak Performance Buoyancy…. Something for everyone! ... by Whitney Mitchel


This week during my advanced open water course, I did a peak performance buoyancy (PPB) dive with my students.  It was actually one of the dives they asked specifically to do, which was awesome because that’s a dive I suggest to advanced course students anyway. Buoyancy is something that could always use fine-tuning… even by experienced divers!


The first thing we did on the PPB dive was a trim check. All too often, being incorrectly weighted causes a diver to struggle with buoyancy, so by adjusting their weights at the surface, it made an incredible difference. Once underwater and correctly weighted, the rest of the dive we spent in a sand patch swimming in an obstacle course and playing with a couple buoyancy toys! You can use almost any prop as a buoyancy skill… you just have to be creative! The more creative I am as an instructor, the more fun my divers will have and the better the dive!


Unfortunately, with the advanced course, we are limited to only one dive for PPB. One dive may be enough for fine tuning, but for long-term solutions, the PPB specialty is the way to go. By having a couple more dives to really focus on skills, students learn how to self-correct buoyancy issues. The specialty is great for any level of divers because it is personalized to what that individual diver needs. Not only is it beneficial, but it is a lot of fun for both students and instructors.


Teaching people to teach people how to blow bubbles... by Peter Hughes 


What a year! Conducting 9 IDC’s in the last 12 months has been a huge amount of work for both me and the great team of PADI Pro’s I have the pleasure of working with but fortunately we are led and guided by our Training Director Tati, who has not only made this all possible but also a lot of fun. Let me give you a bit of history.

I became a PADI diving Instructor back in 2002 and worked for that summer on the beautiful island of Roatan which is just off the north coast of Honduras. Then, after bouncing around the world for a few years I found myself back on the same island in 2009. Fast forward 3 years to 2012 and I’m working on my PADI Staff Instructor certification with Tati who had just become a PADI Course Director that year. That was when I saw the IDC process from the other side and realized how training the next generation of Instructors was something I really wanted to be part off.  After 4 years of Staffing IDC’s with GoPro Anthony’s Key and receiving what I can only think has been the best training from Tati, I finally had the chance to go for PADI CD myself and was accepted on the June 2016 PADI CDTC in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

For 10 days we were really put through our paces and pushed to the limit by a team made up of top-level Staff from PADI offices around the world. The knowledge and passion for teaching they shared with all of us candidates were truly infectious and we built some great relationships that I hope will stay for life. This was the first time I had ever been away from my wife and 3 little girls which was obviously a challenge in itself but nothing was going to stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a PADI Course Director.

When you do your PADI Instructor Development Course, you work so hard that at some point you think it’s just not possible to work any harder. I know I did! The 12-day course is the real deal with so much information to learn and then the nerves you feel on the 1st day of the two days PADI Instructor Exam are just crazy! You want this thing so much, you’ve worked so hard and it is so important to you, it takes a great examiner to drop your nerves level and help you fire on all cylinders. Luckily, John Land who was my examiner all those years ago is still examining today and is our regular PADI examiner here on Roatan. Hearing him talk to my candidates in their orientation and the way he makes them feel relaxed still washes over me and has the same effect it did 15 years ago.

Without the support of people like John Land, my original Course Director Rick Reno, Tim and Zoe in the Philippines and of course my boss and wife Tati, this great job that I have of changing people’s lives would not have been possible. I am truly grateful to all of them and the many others that have helped me along the way. Here’s to a rocking 2018 and beyond!!!!!

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