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How do you choose the right PADI Course Director for your IDC? 

I remember back when I did my IDC, we didn’t have internet so getting information about Instructor training was pretty hard. It was mainly word of mouth references or, the way I decided, I just went back to the PADI Dive shop where I did my Open Water course! Strange way to do it you may think but in a time of limited information, remembering the amazing facilities I had enjoyed for my initial training made me confident that my instructor training would be to the same high level.

These days with the internet and what feels like unlimited information which can make it harder to decide where to go because everyone says how amazing they are and pictures can make even the lowest level facilities look pretty good. So how do you decide on choosing something that is going to change your life?

Well, first of all, do not decide based on price! We all know that in this world you get what you pay for and why would your Instructor training be any different?

Most IDC’s are priced around the same amount as most Course Directors teach the same type of program over the same amount of time but some offer free this and free that and free accommodation with free food and free diving for life etc etc etc!!!!!

What you have to remember is that none of this is free to the shop that is offering it. The cost has to come from somewhere and usually it’s from you! Obviously, you don’t pay in $’s for it but again, you get what you pay for and when it comes to professional level training, it’s the training you really want and not the freebies!!!

So contact a PADI Course Director with a solid reputation and ask them for a chat to see if you click. After all, you’ll be spending nearly 2 weeks with them and bonding on a personal level is going to make your educational experience so much more enjoyable and rewarding, and that’s what it’s all about the education!

So how did my IDC go? Well my CD Rick Reno was just amazing and I was thrilled to bits to have my original Open Water instructor ‘Jungle Jim’ working on the IDC as a PADI Staff Instructor. Jim has since left us for the next life but I will never forget him. Thank you ‘Jungle’ from the depths of my heart for giving me the bug and then helping me pass it on. RIP buddy!!!

By Peter Hughes - PADI Platinum Course Director

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