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GoPro Programs 


GoBlue Divemaster Internship

Instructor Development

* 16 days

MSDT Specialty Instructor 

* 3-4 days

IDC Staff Instructor

* 18 days

MSDT Internship

* at least 8 weeks

Instructor Internship

* at least 2 weeks


Master Instructor / Course Director Prep


GoBLUE Divemaster Internship

We all recognize that the oceans are not only home to the things that we love but are essential ecosystems for our Blue planet's survival. With this in mind and believe that conservation must start with education, our team at GoPro Anthony’s Key has reinvented our Dive Master Internship to include programs like Shark conservation, Coral restoration, and Lionfish hunting.


Working with one of our PADI Course Directors and Instructors who will act as your mentor, you will help on the courses they teach and the dives they lead to learning from them firsthand how to be a 5 Star PADI professional. Using this system they can pass on years of experience that just cannot be learned from books, and by utilizing the huge variety of customers we have at the resort, we can guarantee you that you cannot get a better and more varied selection of courses to work on.


Our DM internship program is run by PADI Course Director Peter Hughes and with his team of PADI Staff Instructors and three in-house PADI Course Directors, the level of experience we have to offer cannot be beaten and you will be trained to the highest level.


What does the program include?


  • Dive against debris– Not just collecting but also analyzing what makes up the debris and submitting your findings to the Project AWARE Foundation

  • Coral nursery workshops – Working with our in-house marine biologist, you will help clean and prepare the baby corals in our nursery and get them ready for replanting on the reef system of Roatan.

  • Lion Fish program – Studying the history of the Caribbean invasion, the anatomy, hunting techniques and preparation of the lionfish for eating.

  • Fish Identification class – Every week of the program.

  • Adopt a Dive Site - Harnessing the unique underwater skill set of the scuba diving community, Adopt a Dive Site urges scuba diving leaders, in your internship you will engage in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of our underwater playgrounds.

  • We also offer all Project AWARE specialties listed below.

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Shark Dive,

You will swim with between 15 and 20 Caribbean reef sharks. The goal is to educate people in understanding that sharks are in dangers and the effects on the reef from their decline in numbers.

Divemaster internship.jpg

Dive Against Debris,

Project AWARE’s flagship citizen-science program, Dive Against Debris®, empowers scuba divers to remove marine debris from the ocean and report data on the types, quantities, and locations of materials collected.

divemaster internship coral.jpg

Coral Nursery Workshop,

Working with our in-house marine biologist, you will help clean and prepare the baby corals in our nursery and get them ready for replanting on the reef system of Roatan.

Lion Fish Course you learn how to help the reef and its natural inhabitants by learning to hunt and kill in the invasive lionfish. 

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Instructor Development Course

GoPro Anthonys Key is the only IDC facility in the region run by 2 in-house Course Directors that can teach in English and Spanish simultaneously.  Tati Pereira-Hughes is our Training Director and Peter Hughes who also acts as our Divemaster Internship Coordinator.

Using the latest PADI multi-media training aids, you will learn how to utilize and adapt the PADI system of diver education to best meet the needs of your students, concentrating on professional methods and teaching techniques for the classroom, confined water, and open water presentations.


Peter and Tati will ensure you have the most comprehensive, updated and fun instructor development course possible and with all of our IDC Staff working at the resort full-time, they are here all day every day and available for our candidates at any time.

Our program is run over 13 days and includes 2 days of prep. From this, we can assess your skills and knowledge and therefore tailor the program to cover any areas that may require a little bit more attention.

So turn the ocean into your office and join us at Go Pro Anthony´s key.  Let us not only change your life but help you change the lives of others.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end at the end of the course. If you are looking to find employment in the dive industry, we will do our best to help you. Our staff and facility have a high standing in the dive industry worldwide and can try to find suitable work for you. 


We add a conservation program "Marine Environment Course" complete for FREE!

You can also tailor your own internship by adding one or all of the extra course we have designed for you.


Specialties are not only rewarding and enjoyable but also allows you to express your passion to your students in the specialized areas that you love the most. These courses provide teaching tips and hands-on experience that you can implement right away.  (Potential employers like this.) 

Shark Course includes a theory session and two open-water dives. One is a shark dive and you will swim with between 15 and 20 Caribbean reef shark. The other dive is all about looking at the dangers to sharks and the effects on the reef from their decline in numbers.

Lion Fish Course you learn how to help the reef and its natural inhabitants by getting a license to hunt and kill in the invasive lionfish. 

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Instructor Specialties MSDT Prep

Becoming a specialty Instructor enables you to start teaching in the fields of diving you love the most. Whether you have a passion for photography, diving on wrecks or at night, you’ll really enjoy teaching specialties that you love and this passion will be passed on to your students.

Achieving the level of being able to teach 5 specialties is a prerequisite to apply for your Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification. Not only does this make you more marketable to prospective employers because you can teach a variety of courses, it also shows you have a great amount of experience and are committed to your career.



You can also add your specialties to your Instructor Course. 




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IDC Staff Instructor

Completing the IDC Staff Instructor course gives you in-depth knowledge of the instructor development process and prepares you to shape the next generation of PADI professionals.

By building on your experience and abilities as a dive educator, you concentrate on developing evaluation and counseling techniques and also how to teach the Assistant Instructor program.

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Master Scuba Diver Trainer Internship

Becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer is a crucial step in any Instructors career and once you've completed the MSDT Preparation, you can begin your 8 weeks internship with us. The internship guarantees you the minimum 25 PADI diver certifications required to be an MSDT and allows you to learn hands on how to teach diving from our team of highly motivated and experienced PADI IDC Staff Instructors.


Initially, you work under the direct supervision of one of our Instructors observing how they teach the PADI system. It is here we start to build your teaching skills and confidence by sharing some of the work and offering you advice and tips based on years of teaching experience.


You will be continually assessed throughout your internship and as your skills and confidence grow, so will your responsibilities until you're teaching courses independently.


At Go Pro Anthony's Key, we have put together the MSDT Internship to develop your teaching skills and confidence, effectively jump-starting your diving career. Depending on your skills, languages, and attitude, getting your first job can sometimes be difficult but by increasing your skills and Instructor rating, you give yourself more chance of finding employment as there is no doubt, a PADI MSDT is way more employable than an OWSI.

All prices are tax included 

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Instructor Internship

Are you already a PADI DiveMaster and looking for somewhere to do your Instructor development course? ​

Well with Go Pro Anthony’s Key you will not only get an IDC experience beyond what you expect, you will also have the opportunity to sign up for our free 4-week Instructor Internship program.


Shadowing and team teaching with one of our members of staff who has all been trained by us and hold PADI IDC Staff or MSDT rating, you will get hands-on experience in how to organize and run PADI courses from DSD through to specialties.


Going out into the real world as a new instructor can be a bit confusing but after your 4-week internship, you will not only have the confidence to teach on your own, you’ll also have some certifications showing experience that prospective employers will want.

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Diving Scholarships

Do you want to become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor?


Go Pro Anthonys Key is actively involved in supporting financially disadvantaged communities, developing successful dive centers and training for careers in the dive industry.


Through our work in developing communities, Go Pro Anthonys Key has introduced a sponsorship program that helps fund financially disadvantaged applicants through their PADI professional training. We are proud to support this initiative in developing communities throughout Honduras. Applicants must be intimately involved in the local community, need financial support to achieve PADI Instructor level, have a genuine environmental awareness and be prepared to conduct environmental education programs within their community.


If you are not from Honduras and looking for reducing fees by working in return we have that option as well. We will need your CV and pictures of yourself. Acceptance is after a couple of interviews.


If you would like more information regarding our scholarship program, please contact us.

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Master Instructor / Course Director Training Course Preparation

PADI Master Instructors are recognized as elite scuba diving educators who, through dedication and hard work, have proven to be dive industry leaders. You earn the Master Instructor rating by exemplifying what it means to be a scuba diving professional through your teaching efforts and professional conduct.

If you are thinking about applying for a place on the Course Director Training Course (CDTC) then Go Pro Anthony’s Key is for you. With the depth of experience in the dive industry our Course Directors have, we can offer unique and valuable PADI Master Instructor and PADI Course Director Preparation course.

This 3 day is less of a course and more of a help an advisory period. Tati will go over evaluation techniques, dive theory review, PADI standards review, skills and presentation techniques - both prescriptive and micro-teaching. She will also advise you on your business plans and get the application right.

We will tailor a package to meet your needs for a successful Master Instructor or Course Director Application.  We will develop your teaching experience and certifications, comfort with staffing IDCs, business plan development, introduction to important PADI staff and departments and Course Director Application assessment.


The minimum prerequisite for Master Instructor is PADI Staff Instructor.

Tati and Pete
PADI Course Directors

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