The most successful Career Development Center with 2 Course Directors on site

Gregor Trost, Slovenja

I worked with 2 course directors, 2 staff instructors and more than 8 instructors

I spend 3 months in AKR to do divemaster training and IDC. For European, a perfect place to learn how to work with different kind of people/cultures and to learn to cope with »take it easy, mañana« style.
Otherwise, DM and IDC training are on a very high level and sometimes it can be really intense, physically, mentally and emotionally, but when you after training start seeing other instructors and DMs and divers, in general, you see a REAL difference.
Personally, I worked with 2 course directors, 2 staff instructors and more than 8 instructors in that time so you really can get a lot of different perspectives and tons of experiences. Huge resort guarantees big flow of customers so it's easy to gain a wide range of experiences.
Many thanks to CDs Tati and Peter, to my mentor staff instructor Diana and to instructor Axel.

Jeff Mann

Course Directors Peter Hughes and Tati Pereira-Hughes- Canada

I couldn't imagine a better venue and better Staff than GoPro Anthonys Key for an IDC. Firstly the Course Directors Peter Hughes and Tati Pereira-Hughes were exceptional, keeping the course and the water work stimulating and most importantly fun. They were encouraging and supportive throughout the program. The Staff including Serena Stean, and Alejo Bustillo were awesome, and they were always available for questions and coaching.

The facilities at GoPro Anthonys Key are premium! A spacious classroom with breezy AC, great visuals and internet, and hot coffee and treats. The docks, boats, lockers, tank room and Dolphin pen are all just steps away.

I'd definitely see them again for Specialties, and would highly recommend GoPro Anthonys Key for the Instructor Development Course.

Ron McCutchen

Canada "GoPro Anthonys Key has a great staff"

GoPro Anthonys Key has a great staff that is dedicated to making sure that you succeed. Their very knowledgeable and experienced Course directors and staff instructors push you to succeed and help whenever you need it. all while keeping it FUN....I would whole heartedly recommend GoPro Anthonys Key to anyone considering taking the IDC or any Leadership level training for that matter. This has got to be the Top Instructor development center on the island of Roatan. Thanks Tati, Peter, Serena and Alejo !

Jenessa Knight


I did my dive master and Instructor courses here at Anthony's key and from day 1 I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and how well things run at this resort. So much going on but it all runs so smoothly and everything the staff does is to make the guests more comfortable! 
Every week you meet a whole new group of fun happy divers!! The atmosphere couldn't be better! 
Tati, Pete, ( course directors) Dianna, Alejo, Axile, (instructors) are all very attentive and amazingly patient and knowledgeable! I couldn't have been taught by a better staff! 
All the dive masters guiding the dives are very friendly, fun and knowledgeable as well as they know these dive spots like their own backyard! The captains will do more than taking care of you, as well as keep you laughing all day! 
I will forever recommend this place for all divers alike! Whether you are a beginner starting with a DSD, or an open water diver who just wants to dive, or even a dive master looking to get your instructor! This place has it all! 
Sad to leave! Will definitely find myself back at this resort again one day! ❤

Alan Pangbum

USA “CW5 Alan Pangburn USA Retired”

I took advantage of the PADI Dive Shop there to get my dive instructor rating. Tati and her staff are top of the line people when it comes to training and really caring that you complete and pass with above average scores. I cannot think of enough accolades and words to describe the dedication to your success along with actually enjoying you diving experience while you are there that they have. I was the oldest person in the class by far at 64. Most were in there 20's. So it was a challenge for me. Tati and her staff took whatever time that was necessary for all of us that needed that little extra assistance to ensure we all succeeded.

In my mind they are the best on the island if not the Caribbean. I will return to continue my dive training and advanced certifications there.

The staff at the resort that I interacted with all had the interest and satisfaction of the Resorts guests as there top priority. So if you are thinking about spending a week or more on the island, look no further. You WILL have a GREAT TIME and a experience you will not easily forget and you will share with all your friends.

Macarena Ulloa


Mi IDC realizado en AKR ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, desde el comienzo del proceso hubo un apoyo incondicional del staff, ellos atendieron a todas mis inquietudes, las cuales se presentaron incluso antes de comenzar mi curso y por lo cual, me gustaría agradecer a Erica y Gary por el apoyo inicial. Luego al comenzar mi curso me gustaría destacar el profesionalismo y conocimiento de los instructores, en este punto me gustaría agradecer a Pete, David y Course Director Christie, que fueron parte importante de mi desarrollo. 
Por otra parte todo el staff de divemasters y capitanes, que siempre me dieron un respiro al trabajo duro que tuvimos durante esas semanas, para mi ellos fueron de mucha importancia, son personas maravillosas y siempre tienen la disposición para ayudarte en lo que necesites. 
Y dejando como último punto, porque siempre las mejores cosas se dejan para el final, quiero expresar mi admiración por Tati, mi Course Director, la responsable de mi formación y desarrollo como instructora, la responsable de sentirme como una profesional del buceo, gracias a su conocimiento, experiencia y exigencia, pero al mismo tiempo su encanto y su preocupación de estar siempre atenta a cualquier caída para dar su apoyo durante todo mi proceso, puedo ahora sentirme orgullosa de haber realizado mi entrenamiento con ella! LA MEJOR! GRACIAS!

AKR es un lugar precioso y los sitios de buceo son maravillosos, pero su staff es realmente increíble!!!! Gracias a cada uno, mi experiencia en ese lugar fué un éxito!

Mario Jette

Canda “Dive school”

I did my training for scuba diving, PADI advanced, rescue, dive master and diving instructor at Anthony's Key Resort from August to November 2016. It was a great experience, and I recommend to anyone interested in going to a "Dive School" to check out Anthony's Key. Great facility, great dive site and great instructors, Tati and Pete are the best.

Serena Stean


GoPro Anthonys Key are the best in the business.. I have learned more than I could ever have imagined from Tati and Pete and hopefully now am ready to take the final steps towards my Course Director dream. The operation is second to none, super facilities, amazing team and thorough comprehensive courses that not only tick the boxes, but make incredible dive professionals that can spread love for diving and the ocean worldwide!! Huge thanks to all x

Gary Flax

USA “Amazingly Satisfied”

I had been looking for a place to take the divemaster and instructors courses for the last couple of years. after a vacation at Anthony's Key in August 2013, I knew when I spoke to the course director, Tati and her husband Pete, that I had found the right place to do them. 
I returned in December to begin. Tati and Pete made all the arrangements for me before I even arrived in Roatan. Completely going out of their way to make sure I would be comfortable. Customer service beyond what I have seen at any other resort. 
Once I arrived Pete guided me through the dive master course. What an amazing teacher he is! He spent more time than most would have just to make sure I knew everything I was supposed to. 
After I completed the divemaster course and was moving on to the Instructors Development Course, that is when Tati took over. Although the course is a very intense one, she took me to the next level in a very professional and personal way. When I was finished with the course Tati had put in countless hours to make sure that I was prepared for the PADI Instructors Exam. Which I passed with flying colors and confidence. 
I have heard many of horror stories about people choosing the wrong place to take these courses. Well, i have to tell you that my choice was an excellent one.If you are considering doing the dive master or IDCcourses you would be foolish not to consider Anthony's Key under the direction of Tati Pereira-Hughes. She and her husband Peter Hughes will go out of their way to make sure you succeed. 
thank you so much to both of them !!


USA “Divemaster and †IDC‡ courses :) 2.5 months!”

After doing extensive research on different dive resorts on Roatan, I decided to do my Divemasters and Instructors Development Course with Anthony's Key Resort. I could not have made a better decision. I arrived mid October and was picked up at the airport by the AKR dive resort Course Director and her husband Pete who is the Head Instructor. They are a lovely couple that welcomed me into the AKR "family" the minute I got there. They were nice to stop by the grocery store with me before we made our way to the accommodation they had set up for me (a 4 bedroom house with some instructors who work at AKR). The accommodation was lovely I spent the next 6 weeks doing the Divemaster course. I had 1:1 instruction with the head instructor. He is incredible instructor and I have full confidence in saying that he is the best instructor that I have seen in action to this day! I feel very lucky to have learned from him and to have gotten such individualized attention. He truely wants to train the best. I then moved on to the two week instructors development course with Course Director Tati. This woman is a top notch Course Director who has a deep passion for what she does and the incredible program she has created at AKR. Becoming a instructor has it's times of frustration and she was so supportive every step of the way! When I got to the IDC it was a breeze and I ended up scoring the highest in the whole exam in multiple components. Both Pete and Tati went above in beyond to be exceptional instructors and mentors to me and I could not have asked for a better experience in those 2.5 months. I truely was trained to be a competent PADI professional. Once I became a Instructor I was even able to help out for a week at the resort and teach courses (called the work experience). 

Now on to the diving... AKR is a very professional and world renound dive operation. There are many boats that go out to different dive sites on both the north and south side of the island. I was able to help out in discover scuba diving, open water, and advanced courses. I was also allowed the occasional fun dive and lion fish hunt with Pete :) The diving on Roatan is incredible and my favorite is probably night diving with the strings of pearls! 

If you are looking for a incredible experience where you learn to be a extremely competent PADI professional, look no further!!! AKR is where you want to to be on so many levels. The location is perfect and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Guillermo Pastora


GoPro Anthonys Key is an excellent place if you are considering doing your IDC or any professional level training, their standards are set very high which in my opinion is the best way to assure you will succeed at any task at hand. They guide you in a way that you get to see a bigger picture, so that you have a better understanding of different situations, making it easier to find the right approach.The Course Directors Tati and Peter, and Staff Instructors Alejo and Serena will go above and beyond to guide you and share their wide knowledge with you. Thank you guys so much for everything you did for us, it was a real honor being one of your students! Awesome place and highly recommended!



Excelente. Recibí mucho apoyo para el curso de instructor , gracias a Tati mi Course Director  principalmente logre mi objetivo.

John Evanko


What can I say about the GoPro Anthony's Key Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Course Directors Tati and Pete …
Two Weeks of full time studying, Class Work and Water Work, in a Nurturing learning environment, that was FUN as well.
In these two weeks, I went from having a dazed look on my face to having a 
1 Million Watt “I GET IT” Light bulb above my head.
Tati and Pete and their staff were always helpful and patient with the candidates and by being so, we were able to easily overcome the learning curve and we were prepared and excelled at our IE !!!
Thank Pete, Tati, Serena, Diana and GoPro Anthony's Key Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Captain Peter Ressa


I am an active 26 year Public Safety Diver and Medic. After looking into several PADI IDC facilities, I chose AKR for my recreational IDC/IE/MSDT. One of the best decisions made in my life. The amazing staff and resort made my experience both challenging and life changing. As a police officer, medic and pilot, I have sat before many instructors in my years. The instructors at AKR knew when it was time to cut up and have fun (and many fun times we had) and when it was time to be serious and do work. Real work. Challenging work. Their application of teaching was nothing short of exemplary. All of the staff instructors worked amazingly well together complementing each-other's talents with zero attitude or ego. Leading by example at the top of this well oiled machine was the course director, Tati Pereira-Hughes. She is truly the boss. What makes her different than many in charge was the fact that she could never hide the fact that she loves and respects her position, staff, resort, passion for diving and instructing, marine conservation, and most importantly her dedication to the students. She, and all the other instructors taught from their hearts as well as the mastery skills and standards they most proudly demonstrated. Failure and disappointment is not an option at this resort. No shortage of laughter and great memories. We were so well prepared for the seemingly stressful IE after the IDC that it ended up being a very confident and proud two day experience. The resort itself was a tropical paradise. Safe, friendly, with first class dive operations. 

So I say to Tati, Pete, Mauricio, Alejo, Erika, Kevin, all of the fantastic staff at Anthony's Key Resort from now a confident PADI PRO Instructor, I thank you all. Your mastery skills taught will be carried on proudly! You guys are the best of the best!!!! If anyone is serious about learning to dive or advancing from your current level, AKR is the place to go!

Captain Peter Ressa
Davie Rescue USAR Unit


Alaska “MSDT Internship”

I was in Roatan for 10 weeks. Last three weeks I participated in AKR's MSDT internship. I am a newly certified PADI instructor. Tati(course director) and Peter (staff instructor) asked me what training was important to me, and boy did they deliver. The Pro Staff at AKR, are fantastic, not only did they take the time and energy to brief and debrief me along the way they provided ample opportunities to meet my training needs. The three weeks spent were a perfect complement to my time and goals. A big shout out to Erica and Gary.
Best Regards,

Soguey Ariza

Mosquitia “What a great †Instructor‡ Course!”

I did my Instructor course with Tati Pereira-Hughes at Anthony's Key. I am from La Moskitia, Honduras and am the first PADI Instructor from La Moskitia. Spanish is my second language and English is my third so the course was not easy for me. Tati was very patient with me giving me enough time and support to ensure my success at the InstructorExam.

I could not have done it without Tati at AKR and recommend Tati for anyone's Instructor Development Course!

Hice mi curso de instructor con Tati Pereira-Hughes en Anthony. Yo soy de La Moskitia, Honduras y soy la primero Instructor PADI de La Moskitia. Español es mi segunda lengua y el Inglés es mi tercera por lo que el curso no fue fácil para mí. Tati fue muy paciente conmigo dándome tiempo y el apoyo suficiente para garantizar mi éxito en el Examen de Instructor. 

No podría haberlo hecho sin Tati en AKR y recomendar a Tati como Instructor Development Course! 

Gracias Tati!

George Zelenkov

USA “Instuctor training”

I completed my IDC staff instructor in November with Tati and Pete. We had a larger class with different learning styles, as well as, many candidates whose native tongue is not English. With great patience, Tati was able to accommodate to everyone learning styles and make everyone feel like a family. Every candidate's skill improved in and out of the water, and everyone passed there Instructor Examination! I would recommend doing your IDC or higher certification with Tati.

Alexandre Mathiot


Je viens d'obtenir mon niveau d'instructeur avec GoPro Anthonys Key.
Et sérieusement je ne peux que m'en féliciter... l'école possède des moyens impressionnants, les cours sont vraiment super bien organisés de façon à ce que l'on donne le meilleur de soit jusqu'au bout.
Et surtout, c'est l'équipe de formation, en particulier Tati et Peter qui en sont le moteur, ils nous ont vraiment bien formés et l'examen final ne fût qu'une formalité ! Ils sont vraiment super accessibles, attentionnés et disponibles durant toute la formation !

Virna Cuter


A few days ago I become a PADI Instructor, a million thanks to Tati and Peter for teaching me the best, I 'll never forget my IDC experience at GoPro Anthonys Key, was simply amazing, I 'll recommend it to anyone, learning from the best!!!�

Takeshi Tong


After a hardcore training and 2 weeks of pure hard work we accomplish the mission of the IDC, super place to get your IDC, thanks to the super staff we get they push to get the best in all the crew of new instructors, thanks to Tati Pereira-Hughes Diana Miller Peter Hughes and Serena ... U guys rock ... Enjoy the ride for the new candidates a total adventured ;)


USA “Awesome Scuba School!”

As a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, Anthony's Key Resort is the best place to not only learn to dive but continue your dive education! The course directors and instructors are some of the best in the industry who go above and beyond to give all students the best experience. 
I completed my divemaster and IDC courses at AKR and couldn't have picked a better program! Beautiful diving, awesome instructors and staff!
Whether you are a first time diver or are on the path to make diving a career, Anthony's Key is the place to do it!

Andrea Pino


I think akGoPro Anthonys Key  is the best place you can go for diving, they have an amazing staff they're all very professionals, understanding helpful, they make you feel comfortable, personally, I had the best experience there... To be the best you have to learn from the best :)

Eduardo Lenz Esber


Amazing! I have now finished my 2nd week of PAID work experience with Go Pro Anthonys Key. I have learned so much AND have been paid for it!


Awesome Resort

Had an unforgettable time over there finishing my IDC. Professional people and enjoyable courses + high-level service! Don't miss the chance to dive over there !! The Instructors are highly professional and it's just a great experience, back !I'back!Thank you for all !!


Canada “Just finished my IDC at Anthony's Key”

The course Director Tati is Awesome, the IDC is great, I learned lots of teaching techniques and the PADI teaching system. Tati and Staff Director Kim made sure I was well prepared for my the IE. I recommend if you are thinking of taking your IDC, do your IDC at Anthony's Key with Course Director Tati. 

The Dive center staff at Anthony's Key are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. 
Staff Director Pete is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and goes out of his way to ensure you have an excellent Diving experience at AKR.

Diana Miller


I completed my IDC (Instructor Development Course) at AKR in March of this year. I have waited several years for AKR to offer the IDC again (living in Florida with plenty of options for an IDC, I knew I only wanted to do this program at AKR and was willing to wait for it) and it was everything and more than I expected. The Course Director, Tati communicated the expectations and requirements for the course before I even arrived on the island. Being very familiar with the island (I've been visiting for 8 years) I knew what the dive sites were like and the day to day operations of the resort. My children and I visited AKR 8 years ago as guests (my kids participated in the dolphin camp and I, on the diver package) and were sold to the resort and island at that point. The IDC program is extremely comprehensive and stressful yet Tati made it fun for me! It was go-go-go for 2 1/2 solid weeks. The level of learning on the IDC put diving on a new level for me. Tati is very organized and hands-on. She has high expectations for her Instructor Candidates and I appreciated the level of difficulty. I didn't want to "skate by" on my IDC or "just pass." I wanted to be pushed to a new and better level of diver and Tati made sure she did that for me. She made it a point to make sure I felt comfortable with all of my skills and requirements before the final exams. I needed some extra time with the physics portion of the course and she arranged to have someone work more one-on-one with me until I was confident in that section. I would highly recommend the IDC at AKR with Tati to anyone. The level of professionalism from Tati and the AKR Divemasters and Boat Captains that we worked with was outstanding!

Aey Payackapan

Thailand “Best vacation doing divemaster internship”

I did my Divemaster internship with them last month. I had a fantastic experience I can undoubtedly say it was the best vacation of my life. Although I had to work very hard every day since I didn't have a lot of time. But my instructors Gary and Pete were very very good. They are funny but super professional and knowledgeable. I learned so much from them. And despite time limitation, we went over the skills that I wasn't so good at over and over until I made it. They didn't let me get away with anything and I'm glad they didn't! 
Before I started my DMT, I had so much doubt in myself. I didn't have good buoyancy, my ears were trouble and I had just a little bit over 30 dives logged. But now I couldn't believe how easy it is to fly in the water! And I feel very comfortable dealing directly with the clients as well. This was definitely a life changing trip with Go Pro Anthony's Key I'm pretty sure I will go on with the IDC course to continue in diving career and it will definitely be with them!



Great dive team in a great location! Through training, and the instructors have a lot of varied experience to get you started and succeed as a PADI Pro!

Alejo Bustillo


Anthony's key resort is the best place to dive! With access to everything you need! With the most professional staff! It is the place where you are treated like part of the family! It is the best place!

Gustavo Gaudin


Go Pro Anthonys Key is the best! I had an awesome IDC, passed my IE with maximums of 5 points in many areas and have now completed my 2nd week of their paid work experience program. Experience and pay? This is the best!



Excelente centro, con excelentes medios y mejores profesionales. Cuando sea millonario sin duda lo comprare!!! XD


USA “Top-notch professional training”

I recently completed my PADI IDC Staff Instructor course with Anthony's Key GoPro program. I was ready to take the next step in my diving career and could not have asked for a better learning experience.I went through my IDC Staff with Tait, the course director at Anthony's Key Resort. She teaches a very personalized and professional Instructor Development Course, as well as making it fun and enjoyable at the same time. She keeps the groups small and I believe that makes a huge difference. We had 2 IDC candidates during that course and it was great to be able to learn from each other, get to know one another, and help each other succeed as well. Tati is super passionate about diving and it shows in her teaching. She doesn't just train good instructors, she makes sure you are going to be a great instructor. If there is something you don't understand she makes sure to take the time to help you in whatever you need. 
Throughout the course, my confidence as a dive instructor skyrocketed and I could not wait to teach my next course. In the IDC Staff course, you will sharpen your skills and knowledge as an instructor and learn what is involved in teaching an IDC. It is an awesome feeling when the candidates pass their Instructor Exam and you know you played a part in helping them become instructors. The IDC Staff made me more passionate about teaching diving and I am looking forward to staffing more IDC's. 
The diving facilities at AKR are also exceptional and being able to do courses there helps you learn what it is like to work in a top-rated dive shop/resort. 
The GoPro program at AKR offers professional diving courses ranging from Divemaster to Master Instructor. Whether you are just starting your professional diving path or looking to continue your diving career, check out GoPro Anthony's Key because you won't regret training with them!


Netherlands “If you feel in love with diving, then u must read this...”

The island of Roatán is full of dive centers but there is no one like you can feel and experience how a real full throttle diving operation must run. I took a Divemaster internship for 5 weeks and I have to say it was way more than I could have imagined, Pete, Tati, and crazy John were the best mentors showing an amazing level of professionalism. they only take a couple of interns at a time which keeps learning process very personal. The reef is in great shape with an unbelievable variety of species (big chances of whale shark and eagle ray encounters right in front of AKR) and local divers really make a big effort to keep it that way, wreck diving, beautiful sand patches, and even a sunk aircraft are there waiting, so if you have any doubt about where to go for your next dive trip or training, just go AKR,  Mauricio.

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